Mei develops chat and AI technologies that help people better communicate. Our products and services combine personal messaging with AI to make you more informed, more thoughtful, and more efficient in your interactions.  

Our AI assistant named Mei (pronounced ‘may’) can give personal communication advice on any relationship and suggest replies to text messages.  Within our apps, it can analyze chat histories to provide insights like personality traits, emotions, intentions and relationship balance — and then offer personalized advice on how to improve the communication so every chat can lead to a deeper connection.  


Our Coach Chatbot

Get advice and help responding to texts, anytime, without downloading an app.

Custom Chatbots

We build bots for partners using the latest AI that can go on any website

Android Messenger

Default SMS texting app combining AI with modern messaging features

iOS App

Analyze any exported WhatsApp conversations and get personalized advice and insights


You can access our AI through several products and messaging channels:

Android App: Our app replaces the default SMS texting app preinstalled on Android phones. It’s upgraded with our AI built-in and optional, along with modern messaging features like customization, folders, and encrypted chat. Users can enable the AI to get real-time personalized intelligence as they chat.   

Web-based Chatbot: Chat with Mei’s AI directly on our website.  Get suggestions for how to reply to a text or advice on any relationship.  Our AI coach is always available and responds immediately, without the judgment of a person.  Soon, you’ll even be able to upload a conversation for more personalized help.

Our iOS app is a teaser app for one of Mei’s AI abilities.  It analyzes a single exported WhatsApp conversation to predict the likelihood of certain outcomes and gives advice on how to bridge personality differences.

We help individuals and businesses create customized chatbots and scripted SMS bots to start using AI in their communications.

We partner with other companies, developers and researchers.  If you’d like to discuss integrating our technology, email us at  If you’d like our tech on apps you use, contact their developers to reach out to us.

Philosophy on Messaging & AI


AI assistance that understands you and the people you text, guiding you through your communications


Users have the choice and are incentivized to share data to train the next generation of AI


Modernizing messaging with tools to improve ourselves and our relationships with others


Anonymity and privacy built-in. Technology doesn't need to know your identity or personal information to help you.