All State Polling From Mei

In November 2018, we piloted our polling platform on the US Midterm Elections.  We sent 10,000 short midterm election polls to our users for select Senate and Governor races across the U.S.  These polls provided almost instant results from our voting user base, with many responding within 10 minutes and the vast majority within 30 minutes.  This demonstrated the potential our app has in conducting election polling, at a scale comparable to, but more efficiently and quickly than traditional polling methods.

Major polls have traditionally been conducted on one race at a time.  Given our advantages, we were able to conduct elections in all states, rather than narrowly focus on a single race or state.  As we head into the 2020 elections where the number of elections vastly outnumber our pilot last year, we’re proud to introduce our new product: All State Polling from Mei.

For firms and campaigns looking for better polling results and better insights about poll respondents,  our AI and messaging platform gives us advantages over any other service.  We typically ask users for demographic information as that helps our AI understand them better.  Where we don’t have this information, our AI is able to predict it, so we’re able to thin-slice poll results down to almost every demographic.  Furthermore, having polling built into our messaging app allows pollers to conduct follow-up communication with almost any respondent.  Best of all, polling participants have opted into being asked questions and are awarded participation credits, which enable users to be stakeholders in our ecosystem.

We’ll be making more announcements about our all-state polling product soon, so stay tuned!