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What Do Men And Women Message About?

If we believe language is a window into people’s thoughts, then studying word usage can lend insight to how different groups — for example, men and women — think differently. Fortunately, with the growth of digital media, researchers have been able to collect language samples on a much larger scale...

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Mei Announces Its Launch With A Major Expansion Of Features

Before launching, we wanted to make Mei a better texting app than the ones that are pre-installed on Android phones. It was a long road of bug fixes and improvements but after almost a year of beta testing, we’re pretty much there! We feel we’ve ironed out the major issues...

User Created Polling

Users have had the ability to answer polls sent through by Mei for a couple of months, but now you are able to create your own polls to send to other Mei users! Imagine being able to poll 100 people your nephew’s age the next time you’re looking for ideas for his birthday gift or ask people to resolve an argument between your friends about the best pizza toppings! The possibilities are endless...

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Create and Manage Your Own Social Network, With Mei

Ever want to reach out to friends, co-workers or family members with the same message, without spamming everyone in one large group chat (with “reply all” alerts that never seem to stop….)? Well Mei has the answer for that. Following our introduction of folders and labels, Mei’s next update...

What Will Messaging Look Like In 2020 and Beyond?

A messaging app will likely be the most valuable piece of technology in the world within the next decade. The question is, who will own it? The value of messaging has been evident for some time. By 2015, messaging had surpassed social media as the most common activity on the mobile...