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Mei Introduces In-App Credits

Mei is growing rapidly and we are now among the highest rated messaging apps in the Play Store (4.5 stars from over 11,000 reviews!). We have received feedback from thousands of users who want to be part of Mei and help us to continue to grow and we have wondered for a while now how to achieve this.

We wanted to find a way to allow our loyal users (especially our early adopters), to become more involved in the app while helping us develop and improve it. The app is currently ad-free and we want to keep it that way, as we think they detract from the overall messaging experience. So, we decided to introduce in-app credits.

Mei in-app credits have a number of functions:

  1. Help to offset the cost of running / maintain the platform to provide the AI intelligence
  2. Return the control and economics of data to the user
  3. Allow users to become more significant stakeholders in Mei
  4. Create an efficient marketplace for information
  5. Help users to monetize their data, knowledge and potentially provide income for anyone with a mobile phone

We hope users already see the value of the intelligence and knowledge that Mei provides, a value that we trying to capture via the credits.

Now we had to decide how to distribute these credits. We have given some credits away to our initial users as we finished building the platform, but now we will need to sell them in order to maintain the platform and continue to provide intelligence to our users (data management costs aren’t cheap!). In order to reward our loyal initial users, we are running a crowdfunding campaign to allow those who have wanted to support Mei to do so at a heavily discounted rate. The money raised via this campaign will allow us to develop an in-app auction ability and ecosystem for the credits. So your support will also facilitate exchange of credits in the future.

If we reach our target, we will limit the total supply of credit to billion (1,000,000,000) and work on developing an in-app auction ability that will allow future buyers to buy those credits from existing holders. Participants in this campaign can purchase credits at $0.05 each, or 75% off our $0.20 targeted sale price of credits once we fully launch the app. So we will give supporters 200 credits for every $10 they donate. The auction house will be a marketplace where existing users who have credits can sell those credits to other users at a mutually agreed upon price. This campaign will end on April 3rd and from then on credits will no longer be available at this discounted rate. Once the campaign ends we will launch an in-app credit purchase function, via the Play Store, but at a higher rate.

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