Bots For Companies

Any company can easily add AI-powered chat to their workflow and offerings. It starts with simple chatbot widgets on any internal or customer-facing website.


Add AI into your offerings with an easy-to-integrate chatbot on your website.  The ChatGPT-powered bot answers questions based on the content that’s already on your site when possible and refers to outside knowledge then needed.  


Add a chat widget to any FAQ page and the bot will answer according to the FAQ, while incorporating all the knowledge of ChatGPT

Training Materials

Rather than memorize handbooks and policies, new and existing employees can simply ask the bot that will look up relevant materials


Add a chatbot to any content you create and allow readers to interact with that content as if they were talking to content creator


Use an existing transcript to continue an interview. The AI learns the behaviors of both sides

Custom Bots and Channels: If you’d like to explore incorporate language AI technology into your offerings with a customized chatbot or add AI into your existing messaging channels, please contact us

Bots for Relationships


  • Relationship Coach (Beta Testing): Get relationship advice and help with your communicate now.  
  • Data Upload & Dive (Alpha Testing): Refine and understand what you and AI can learn from your data.  Upload personal conversations to improve our AI’s understanding and advice.  Existing Mei AI users will be able to reference their existing data in Mei’s systems.
  • Personalized Counselor (Coming Soon): With your unique/personalized data, the advice our coach provides will improve and enable a deeper conversation.  Our AI will act as more than just a coach providing general advice but tailor the conversation like a therapist that already knows you and the conversations with others you give it.
  • Reflection Bot (Coming Soon): With a customized personal bot that understands you, you can use your reflection to practice a conversation before you have it.