Concierge Service

Our apps can only show you so much. There’s so much more depth and insights embedded in your text communication that are difficult to show on a phone screen and require more nuanced discussion.

That’s why we’re introducing our concierge service, where our team will offer a more personalized and comprehensive review of your digital communications over a phone call or via email.

Do you want to dive into a particular relationship or just want to get a sense of how you come across? Or are you part of an enterprise that wants to improve your organization’s communication analytics? We can offer a wide range of services customized to what you need, which takes advantage of everything Mei has to offer and even features we have in development.

We realize you communicate not only through text, but also through email and other messaging platforms. Our systems are able to analyze communication across SMS on iPhone or Android, WhatsApp, and most email platforms. As we expand the types of messages Mei can analyze, we’ll be able to build a complete personal profile for you, compare you with people like you, and drill down to individual relationships you’d like to better understand.

This is the first concierge service of its kind and is being offered on a limited trial basis. If you’d like to be considered for our trial please email with what you would like help with. Keep in mind we may not be able to reply to everyone, but will do our best.

This is just an example, but we can analyze any messaging relationships over multiple platforms (iMessage/SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, email, etc.)