Mei Credits

We use a credit system to manage app usage and reward users for sharing data.

Why We Introduced Credits


(1) Help offset the cost of running / maintaining the platform to provide the AI intelligence

(2) Return the control and economics of data to the user

(3) Allow users to become more significant stakeholders in Mei

(4) Create an efficient marketplace for information

(5) Help users to monetize their data, knowledge and potentially provide income for anyone with a mobile phone

With a credit system that incentivize users to share information, we hope to align our business model and incentives with the user, especially when it comes to benefiting from user data.

Users are now able to purchase Mei credits in-app via Play Store, which can then be used to run personality profiles, gain intelligence from our AI and poll other users.

Choice & Transparency

Choice and transparency are behind everything we do.  We believe that when users share their data, they should be incentivized to do so, not coerced. Mei’s default is to not collect any user data other than is necessary for sending / receiving messages.  If a user chooses not to turn on the AI assistant, we don’t collect any information and our app simply acts as an upgrade to the stock texting apps that come with most phones.   

If after turning on the AI assistant a user decides at any point they no longer wish to share information and earning credits, simply turn AI assistant off in “Settings“.  Users also have the option to delete their account altogether if they wish.  If a user deletes their account from our system and returns at a later date, their credits will be lost and any new credits awarded may be significantly reduced. We do this to prevent anyone from abusing our system by repeatedly deleting and re-creating accounts.