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Now is your chance to purchase in-app credits at a discounted rate and help Mei develop an auction ability and ecosystem for these credits!

Mei – The Story So Far

Since we’ve started work on Mei, users and people familiar with our app have asked how they can get involved.  Our app is free and we’ve kept it ad-free so that Mei can help as many people as possible.  We’re hoping to create a messaging experience that users can be excited about, as opposed to feeling like a target for ads.  That’s why we introduced a credit system that operates as in-app currency.

As is, users use credits for in-app features, such as getting personality profiles of contacts, advice on how to better communicate and to poll other users.  Users are rewarded credits for sharing data and information, such as answering questions from Mei or from polls.  In effect, credits capture the value of data — whether it be AI intelligence, opinions or some other type of knowledge. 

As our platform matures, the services that can be exchanged for credit will improve.  With this crowdfunding campaign, we’re selling in-app credits which will enable people to become stakeholders in what we’re building, while helping us fund development.  We believe that by making users and backers stakeholders in our app, we align our incentives with users and can make money without compromising the experience and trust of our users. 

The purpose of this campaign is twofold: (1) To allow the people who have wanted to support Mei to buy credits at a heavily discounted rate and (2) To raise funds to develop an in-app auction ability and ecosystem for the credits.

What We Need & What You Get

Our primary funding goal of $25,000 will give us validation that users and Indiegogo backers support our cause enough to help us fund the creation of an auction house and ecosystem for our credits. 

If we are successful in reaching our target, we will limit the total supply of credits to 1 billion (1,000,000,000) and work on developing an in-app auction ability that will allow future buyers to buy those credits from existing holders of our credits.  Participants in this campaign can purchase credits at $0.05 each, or 75% off our $0.20 targeted sale price of credits once we fully launch the app.  The auction house will be a marketplace where existing users who have credits can sell those credits to other users at a mutually agreed upon price. Credits will be distributed via a redeemable code sent at the end of the Indiegogo campaign. 

If we are able to achieve our $25,000 target, any additional funding will be applied towards the following stretch goals:

$100,000 + allow users to have even more say in which features are rolled out

$200,000 + bring on more developers to speed up development on our iOS version

Rewarding Early Adopters

While Mei is in beta, it will cost significantly fewer credits to access our intelligence features and more credits will be rewarded for sharing data than after we’re fully launched.  This is our way of thanking early adopters for helping us test and improve our app.

As our platform scales and gets more sophisticated, the costs and rewards for information exchanged will be calibrated to better reflect the value of data (e.g. how much it improves our models), the cost of our services (e.g. research and computational resources), and how much value our services bring to users and others.  So as we build out features, credits may become more valuable in terms of what they could be exchanged for.

Mei doesn’t charge credits for texting, so users can chat away! In fact, users can earn credits for simply texting because that increases the data we can learn from.

Click here to purchase in-app credits at a discounted rate and help Mei develop an auction ability and ecosystem for these credits.