Most frequent questions and answers

This initial version of our iOS app has only one function: for our AI, Mei, to analyze a WhatsApp conversation, and tell you the probability (0-100%) that the contact is romantic interested in you.  Mei is also able to build a personality profile of you and of that contact, based on the words and emojis each of you used in the conversation.  This is an assessment based on how each of you come across when communicating with one another.  If she perceives a major difference in a personality trait, she will offer you advice on how to best communicate with this contact.

Yes, we already do it for text (SMS/MMS) messages, but only on Android. Apple does not allow 3rd parties to access text messages (iMessage) on iOS phones.  Our Android app does everything that our iOS app does, with the added benefit of being the user’s default texting app (so you can get real-time analysis as you text!). 

As far as other messaging platforms, we will offer it if platforms allow an easy way to export the conversation history the same way WhatsApp has enabled it.  We believe messaging app users have a right to take their data and conversations off of one platform and put them onto another.

This iOS app is only the first iteration of Mei on iOS. Soon we will incorporate the ability to message people via Mei and bring all the personality analysis features we have on our Android app, including the full range of AI intelligence, polling and advanced messaging features such as automatic folders, custom labels, scheduling messages and bulk messaging. 

Like WhatsApp, we’ll even make it possible to export the conversations you have on Mei so that you can have your conversations on the messaging platform of your choice.

At the moment we require at least 1,000 words from the contact. In future iterations, we will reduce this requirement.  Please note that the fewer the words, the less confident the AI is in the analysis.

We take security and your privacy very seriously. We require that you log in with your phone number so we can verify the data you upload to us is tied, in our systems, to a phone number you own.  We do this for privacy and security reasons, namely so that someone who doesn’t own that phone number can’t retrieve any information from what you shared with us. 

Once your data is in our systems, it is encrypted. Furthermore, we make it easy for you to delete information in our systems from within the app.  You can delete a single conversation by swiping it left or delete your whole account from the menu. 

We have no plans to sell your data. We believe data is valuable, especially for developing AI and applications like this.  The data helps us to build our systems and refine our algorithms to become more and more accurate.  There we use the credit system to not only manage usage of our AI but also to reward users for sharing data with us.  On our iOS app, you will need to purchase credits to get information from our AI.  Once you have these credits, you will be part of the same credit ecosystem as our Android app users.  In future iterations of Mei on iOS, these credits may be used to purchase other analysis we introduce and you will even have the ability to earn credits by sharing data.