Our tool helps you be a more efficient writer and creative by making a personalize AI bot that can draft text that sounds like you.  Whether you’re a journalist, a novelist, a script writer, or would just like help on essays, papers or reports, we create a personalized AI representation or “reflection” of you using your past work.  The results is writing that’s consistent with your unique style, tone and personality. 

Here’s how it works.

(1) Upload a collection of your work

(2) Wait 1-2 days for us to create a reflection of you

(3) Tap on the chat icon at the lower right corner and follow the prompts

(4) Type in descriptive title for the writing and hit enter

(1) Upload your writing samples

Aggregate samples by copying and pasting the articles into one text document.  You can use any text editor like Word, Google Documents, Wordpad etc.  Remove any content like pictures, captions or quotes that aren’t capturing your words.  Once you put in all the samples, save it as a text (.txt) file and use the form below up to upload it.  

Choose a regular name like "Jesse" or "Sam" as opposed to "My reflection bot". This act as your user name when you chat with the bot
This acts as a password so that only you (or someone you share this with) can interact with your Reflection
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

(2) We will create a reflection of you

To create a reflection, we’re using GPT3, the latest version of OpenAI’s generative language model, as a base model.  That means if you don’t upload any of your articles, it will behave just like GPT3.  With your data, we create another “fine-tuned” model that incorporates your style.  Once you’ve uploaded your collection, we will assess your eligibility and contact you via email.  If accepted, it will take a day or two before your reflection will be ready. 

(3) Use the chat widget to interact with your reflection

Click the button on the lower right of the screen and start interacting.  Type in a title  e.g. “How language AI is about to make us more efficient”.  



We believe AI will transform media and journalism. As always, technological advancement introduces important ethical questions. Through our product, we’ll explore the following questions:

What ethical frameworks should we institute? We combine institutional knowledge of veteran journalists with cutting edge technology to help train emerging models. 

What happens to our identity in an age where trust is eroded? Reflection AI will give journalists the ability to verify, own and train their own digital bots.

What about the “Human Element?” Reflection AI will always emphasize a “humanity first” approach. Our technology is meant to assist and enhance creative work, not replace creatives.