Mei Gets a New Look…Colors

With our latest release, we’ve added the ability to change colors and color themes in Mei.  Color personalization was by far the most requested feature in our beta feedback.  We were planning to implement this later but prioritized it given the overwhelming feedback.  And users were right, it makes a BIG difference.

In the menu in the upper right corner, under “Settings” -> “Appearance”, users can now select custom theme colors.  They can also select background themes or modes, so now there is the option for light, dark and black modes.  Users can also customize tinting of some bars.

Just like how we’re designing our AI assistant to be personalized to each user, we’ll be working on ways to use AI to personalize other customizations like color.  So, keep your comments coming, we’re listening!

p.s.  Some users found the credit system we introduced in our last release somewhat confusing.  This is understandable, since its uses are evolving.  In general, the credit system will help us manage usage of advanced features and reward the sharing of information.  While we’re in beta, interactions with Mei are designed to award more and require fewer credits than after we fully launch.  Since we’ll be developing further uses for credits, this is a way for us to reward early adopters now and allow our users to become stakeholders in Mei.