Mei Gives Users True Ownership of Their Data and Rewards Them for It

Messaging with Artificial Intelligence, Data Ownership, Market Research, Personalized Recommendations, & Utility Tokens!

The future of messaging is here. Mei is the 1st mobile messaging app to come with artificial intelligence (AI) designed to help with personal relationships and communication. Each user has the option to turn on a personalized AI assistant (also named Mei) that gives near real-time intelligence and advice within the conversation. By combining natural language processing, personalized machine learning models, and one of the largest language datasets of its kind, we’ve created an AI that understands our users.

We are also creating an ecosystem and marketplace for information that effectively allows anyone with a smartphone to earn or “mine” our utility tokens simply by texting like they always have and answering questions.

Privacy is Key

Users choose whether to turn on the AI assistant and share messages for Mei to analyze, to share information with others, or to delete all their data from our systems entirely.

Perhaps the most important choice is the choice to be anonymous. Most messaging apps already collect data on a user’s identity, Mei does not collect a user’s name or other personally identifiable information aside from the phone number that is used only for verification (which is also hashed) and a cryptocurrency wallet address. This means our systems will not and has never known who the user is. Users identities are safe and the data and answers they share will not be attributed personally to them, which means you won’t be targeted by ads either. Mei protects the user by anonymizing and de-identifying their data.

Personalized Advice and Recommendations

As the only assistant (that we’ve seen) devoted to understanding natural language in relationships, Mei will constantly improve, with every message or feedback it’s given. In turn, it can give personalized advice, useful recommendations and timely reminders that can help users improve their relationships.

Other smart features include:

• Abnormal Behavior: Mei will pick up if you’re not chatting like your usual self or your contact is acting strangely. We have a range of algorithms that can detect real-person behavior that ensures data is free from scammers or bots.

• Filter/Flag Questionable Responses: Mei has the capability to flag and filter poll responses that are statistically unlikely given our knowledge of the user.

Get Market Research Through Text Messages

The average American texts a short novel or about 100 pages a year. In many ways, text messages contain some of the richest insights on people — such as daily routines, interests, habits, moods, beliefs, and even brand affiliations.

With our app, we can ask a large pool of voluntary poll participants in what’s becoming many people’s natural environment: the messaging app. Furthermore, our machine learning models allow us to pre-screen participants before even asking them a question.

Imagine you’re looking for birthday present ideas for your 14-year-old nephew who likes video games. You can Google search or ask friends/family for help. The best person to ask would be your nephew but you don’t want to ruin the surprise. With Mei, you can potentially poll 50 boys of similar age/interest and get a response immediately for a low cost.

Similarly, researchers could find a very specific group of people and ask a series of questions, paying for each one or for any follow-up questions they come up with down the line. With a messaging app, the communication channel can stay open. A researcher could conduct a 5-question poll among 25 people, as illustrated in the example below, for theoretically under $5. Right now, a comparable study elsewhere would cost multiples more.

Earn Tokens Through your Mobile Phone

Many companies today collect data on people in exchange for free services. They then use that data to target the same or other people for often unwanted advertising and can sell data to third parties. This model can put companies at odds with their users since users often aren’t given options over how their data is used and haven’t shared in the gains (monetary and other) made from their data. We are proposing an ecosystem where all parties are properly incentivized, while protecting the users’ privacy and their right to choice over their data. Anyone with a mobile phone can potentially earn income simply by interacting with the AI or answering questions.

Because Mei can build personalized models of users, our platform/ecosystem allows researchers immediate access to a qualifying or prescreened pool of anonymous respondents. The average user could even poll a very targeted group of other users for things like gift ideas or professional advice.

With Mei and blockchain technology, we’re creating an ecosystem for users that significantly lowers the cost (lost privacy) and greatly increase the incentive for sharing data (gaining intelligence and earning tokens) that can enable market and social research and knowledge to flourish.

Payment for data can be tracked via the blockchain while the data itself is anonymized and de-identified (unique ID will be the token wallet). Users are incentivized and the value is determined by what researchers are willing to pay.

Mei is currently in beta and will be launched for Android users in Q3 2018. At this point, nearly 2 billion people will have instant access to their own personalized relationship AI from within their default texting app.

For more information on Mei and its vision, please download the whitepaper.  You can also ask any questions you may have in our Telegram channel and a team member will get in touch.