Mei Introduces Folders And Labels To Help Manage Text Messages

Text messages are beginning to feel more like email.  Many of us receive cell plan updates, receipts, alerts, travel information and all kinds of notifications via SMS.  We need better tools to make sure certain conversations don’t easily get lost in the mix.

In our latest update, we’re introducing folders and labels, designed to help manage the clutter and provide a better messaging experience.  Mei users will have their text conversations automatically organized into folders and have the ability to create custom folders and labels.

In this first iteration of folders, conversations will be divided into two built-in folders: one-on-one conversations (“Chats”) and group (“Groups”) conversations.  The “All” folder will include all conversations.  Users are also able to create their own folders. For example, if you have a lot of work-related conversations, you can create a “Work” folder to keep those in one place.  In future releases, we will add folders to further separate out spam and messages from companies.

Labels work similarly to folders, but conversations can have multiple labels.  Both folders and labels will show up as tabs above the conversation list.

This “folders and labels” feature is the first in any messaging app (that we’ve seen). With features like this, our AI assistant, and advanced features like data messaging, we’re focused on creating a messaging experience that can be found nowhere else.