Mei Introduces The First Automatic Text Message Spam Filter

As companies increasingly use texting or messaging to communicate with customers, the need for texting spam protection is growing. Mei is proud to be the first texting app to broadly roll out an in-app spam filter. We even beat Google to it. AI is what we do best, so naturally we have an advantage. But in this case, we just relied on common sense.

It’s easy to spot spam in our texting inboxes because they come from random numbers. Unlike email, where names can automatically be attached to email addresses, text messages aren’t sent with a name. In our next release, we’re introducing a new system folder called “UNNAMED” to catch all these texts. All conversations will now be automatically divided into three system folders: GROUPS, CHATS (one-on-ones with named contacts) and UNNAMED (one-on-ones from unnamed contacts). Spam and any other texts from a number that hasn’t been saved to a user’s contacts therefore gets automatically filtered into our new folder. So simple.

There are times where it makes sense to use AI and other times where simpler solutions are so much better.