Mei Now Offers Reminders

With so many things competing for our attention, it’s easy to overlook a message or forget to respond to someone.  We’ve all unintentionally let this happen before and our relationships have suffered unnecessarily.  Sometimes it only takes one missed text, intentional or not, to ruin a relationship.

That’s why Mei will now offer reminders.

With our latest release, our AI assistant Mei will start automatically reminding users to respond to a text or get in touch with a contact when it’s been unusually long since the last text or call.  She does this by analyzing past communication patterns and identifying long gaps in communication with a top contact.  In this initial rollout of the feature, users will be notified by the pulsating avatars in the conversation list.  Avatars (the circle next to the contact) pulsate when there is a new message from the AI assistant.  In future releases, we may notify users directly from the conversation list and integrate calling options.  But for now, we want to minimize accidentally spamming users with unnecessary reminders.

These reminders serve as yet another tool Mei offers users to help maintain and improve their relationships.