Mei Now Senses if Something is Different

Is the Person You’re Chatting with Behaving Differently than They Normally Do?

With our latest release, Mei introduces an anomaly detection feature that alerts users if she notices abnormal behavior from either the user or someone they’re texting.

AI or algorithm will never beat people when it comes to certain intuitions.  But there are things machines can do much better, faster, and more accurately than people. Mei, our AI assistant, can recognize a range of text message patterns simultaneously, from response times to emotions, and identify when someone isn’t behaving like their usual self.

People can behave differently for any number of reasons.  In this initial rollout, we limited both the availability to users (randomly selected) and trigger conditions.  We err on the side of triggering only in extreme cases to avoid raising unnecessary concern (false positives) and while we better understand how much computing resources are required.  So, don’t be surprised if you don’t come across any alerts at first.  As we get more feedback from users and improve this feature in future releases, we will make it more broadly available and introduce other use cases.

This feature is free (uses no credits), despite it being one of our most resource-intensive intelligence functions.

We think of anomaly detection as a “guardian angel” feature, looking out for changes a user may otherwise miss, so we’ll do our best to make this tool always available to all our users.