Mei Users Can Now Opt In To Anonymous Polling

In our latest release, we added the ability for users to opt in to anonymous polling. Polling is something we’ve been planning for some time and we believe it’s an incredible way for knowledge and opinions to be shared. We describe our vision in full detail on our token page.

Users have increasingly asked for more interactions with Mei, as well as more ways to earn credits. We’re working on more AI assistant features but thought now would be a good time to introduce our anonymous polling feature, which will eventually allow users to earn the most credits.

As with every one of our advanced features, polling is turned off by default and users have the option to turn it on and off as they please.  The first time users opt in by switching polling to ‘on’ in the ‘Accounts and Advanced Features’ menu, they will earn an immediate opt-in credit. In order to turn on polling, the AI assistant features has to also be switched to ‘on’. This is because algorithms behind the AI assistant allow us to determine which polls are best directed at which users, based on their previous communications. In the future, we may allow users to participate in polling without having to turn on the AI assistant, but the polls will be less targeted.

While polling is turned on, users may periodically receive polls, whenever they become available. Polling questions arrive in a similar format to alerts from the AI assistant, but are clearly marked to distinguish the two. Users will generally earn much more credit for answering polling questions than questions from our AI assistant.  

As a reminder, if all advanced features are turned off, Mei simply operates as a SMS/MMS texting app.

In the coming weeks, we’ll pilot the polling system with our own questions. Once we’ve properly built and tested the system, we will allow users to create their own polls. Pollers will be given no information aside from respondents’ demographic data and survey responses. Users/Respondents will remain anonymous. Survey responses are not incorporated into Mei’s AI assistant features or analysis, and users are free to skip questions or turn off the polling feature at any point.

We ask our users to be honest in polling responses, as this benefits them, other users and us.  If we detect false responses, those users’ ability to earn credits via polling in the future may be affected.