Polling Improved

You can poll 1,000 people for $70!

Easier, faster and better polling than any other platform

Get Intelligence From Thousands in Minutes

Mei provides intelligence you can’t get anywhere else, whether from our AI or from other users via our anonymous polling platform.  Those who opt in to polling have joined a network of knowledge and opinion-holders. 

Whether you’re looking for personal advice or want to access to thousands of users for opinion surveys and market research, Mei makes this easier for you to do any type of polling.  The entire process can be conducted through the app, allowing you to avoid a cumbersome sign-up process.  And since the poll is conducted through a user’s texting app, you’ll get results in minutes. 

We offer the ability to target and filter results by almost every possible factor: demographics, location and even by interests. 

Do More For Less

Mei can provide better quality of data and quicker and cheaper results than almost any competitor. For example:

Survey Monkey charges $1,375 for 500 responses to one question (with age and gender breakdown)

Pollfish charges $1,000 for 500 responses to one question (with age and gender breakdown)

With Mei the same poll would cost you $45

If you are interested in creating a poll with Mei or would just like to find out more, email us at info@textmei.com.

How Does It Work?

Users who have opted into polling will be able to create or participate in polls.  To participate in polling, users simply have to turn on “Anonymous Polling” in the advanced features menu in Mei.  Before that option is possible, users will have to turn on the AI assistant, which uploads the text message database and allows our system to build insights. 

Any user who turns polling on is able to create their own poll.  The poller will create the questions, specify any target demographics (e.g. females only or specify age group) and have the option to list up to 4 interests (e.g. sports, cooking).  They also determine the number of respondents they would like and how many credits each respondent will get.  Once a poll has been created and submitted, our team will moderate it and if approved, the poll will become live and sent to other users.  Credits are deducted from the creator’s credit balance as each respondent completes the poll.  Poll creators can see the poll results at any time and can end the poll early.

We give all users the opportunity to decide if they want to answer polls or not.  This means that the people who answer polls are doing so because they want to and the data is authentic.  As only one anonymous user ID can be created per telephone number, we can make sure that all answers are from real people.

Since Mei is able to pick up on insights about users or have previously asked demographics questions, we’re able to direct polling questions to the right people.   The anonymous responses can be filtered by demographics including: age, gender, location, income and marital status.  If further targeting is required, we can also poll users based on their interests (Football, ballet, pizza or e-sports for example), or even by a specific location/radius.

Pollers will be given no information aside from respondents’ demographic data and survey responses.  Respondents will remain anonymous, and users are free to skip questions or turn off the polling feature at any point.  We also give users the opportunity to select their own freeform response in case the ones listed aren’t sufficient.

Survey responses are not currently incorporated into Mei’s AI assistant features or analysis.  If the future, if we decide to factor survey responses, we will leave that as a choice to users.

Why Poll Through Mei?

Pollers (Users Asking Questions)

  • Super Duper-targeted: Pre-select participants via algorithms and machine-learned predictions, eliminating need for screening questions 
  • Efficient: High response rates (~50%) and ability to reach thousands instantly 
  • Easy to use: Polls created from within Mei using credits
  • Quick: Most answers completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Longitudinal: In later releases, we’ll offer the ability to maintain communication channel between pollers and respondents
  • Integrity: Algorithms can detect and flag questionable responses, verifying data integrity

Respondents (Users Answering Questions)

  • Incentivized: Users earn additional credits to use in Mei
  • Optional: Not intrusive and completely up to the user to turn on/off (off by default)
  • Anonymous: No one, including us, knows the identity of the respondent
  • No Spamming: Our analytical platform understands users, so only relevant polls are shown

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Mei Users Can Now Opt In To Anonymous Polling

In our latest release, we added the ability for users to opt in to anonymous polling. Polling is something we’ve been planning for some time and we believe it’s an incredible way for knowledge and opinions to be shared. We describe our vision in full detail on our website.

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Senate and Governor Pre-Election Polling Results

As of 7pm November 6, 2018


Total count (n) = 4,500 registered voters.  Average age = 26



Senate and Governor Election Exit Polling Results

Updated on November 7

Total count (n) = 2,800 registered voters.  Average age = 26

[cndce_map data="results"]

Midterm Elections 2018 = Mei Polling Pilot

Mei has launched a new polling platform and our first poll is on the 2018 U.S. midterm elections.   We sent 10,000 short midterm election polls to our users for Senate and Governor races across the U.S.  These polls provide almost instantaneous feedback from voters, with many responding within 10 minutes and the vast majority within 30 minutes.

This poll was conducted purely as a demonstration and pilot for the platform we’re building.  In the future, Mei users who opt-in to polling will be able to conduct their own polls.

By piloting on these elections, we hope to show that polling via Mei can be an effective complement to more traditional polling methods. 

Our midterm election results largely represent opinions of young voters, a group generally underrepresented in traditional polls.  More information on our findings and how we conducted the midterm polls can be found on our blog here.

Breakdown Of What Issues Voters Care About

As a follow-up to our election polls, we sent exit polls on Election night (November 6, 2018) to our users who had voted earlier that evening. Similar to other exit polls, we asked our Mei users “What issue do you care most about?” and provided 20 options, aggregated from several popular polls.

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