Right now, the cultural conversation is centered around our carefully crafted identities online — what we post, snapshots of our perfect lives, and the screens we increasingly live our lives through. But we’ll explore what that data about us actually means. It’s time for us to understand our own digital clues.

Here’s where tech gets personal. 

Every word we post on social media, the time of day we post it, even the type of food we post about is a digital puzzle piece determining who we are, exposing how we feel about relationships and ourselves. If analyzed correctly, our seemingly random tweets, status updates, even disappearing stories on Instagram or Snapchat can provide a deeply intimate view of what we’re not posting about. Are we fulfilled in our jobs and/or relationships? Are we unhappy? Were we struggling even if the photo shows us smiling and posing? 

Imagine a modern day tarot card reading of your digital footprint, but instead of astrology or intuition-based predictions, ours are based on a trove of your own personal data. This is the true power of data analytics: your social media and GPS data to determine how you can better take care of yourself both personally and professionally. You could even learn how you can date better by analyzing the words and patterns you use when posting on social media.


  • What’s your mood (signs of depression/anxiety)? 
  • Is there imbalance in your relationship?
  • Do you feel fulfilled at your job? 
  • Are you growing unhappy in your relationship?


Social media, GPS, text messages etc, biometrics, even your Spotify playlist. 

Broader implications: Reflection has both consumer application and business applications. Our first product will be aimed at the consumer, but our data driven insights will serve a variety of companies looking for insights into the human condition.

WhatsApp Data Dive Trial

We’re enlisting trial participant for our Data Dive product, where users upload a WhatsApp conversation transcript to get in-depth analysis of a text conversation.  

Participants, if selected, receive a data packet containing a personalized analysis about their messaging relationship.   You’ll get a report with a range of analytics on the balance of the relationship over time, response times, word usage and unique insights about  personality differences, changes in communication patterns and trends. All analysis is done by our systems, not a person.  

Complete the following form and upload a transcript to join the trial.  Open the app on your phone, go to a conversation -> menu at the upper right corner -> export chat -> without media.  Change the names to preserve your privacy. 

Upload A WhatsApp Chat

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Before uploading, remove any personally identifiable or sensitive information.

If selected, we will contact you via email with details on what you can expect.