MY REFLECTION (Experimental)

Soon, anyone in the world will be able to create an AI “reflection” of themselves that can interact with others on their behalf.  It starts with the latest generative AI as a foundation, then adding personalized data you already have — like text messages, emails, social media accounts, an online resume, journals, personal blogs, Wikipedia pages, and just about any digital writing sample or biographical data.  Your reflection can then write or chat with others like you, or answer questions about you.


  • Let people in your life chat with a version of you when you can’t 
  • Preserve a digital legacy from all your work and digital records that others can interact with 
  • Understand who you are and how you may come across to others
  • Link it to your resume that interviewers can screen before talking to you
  • Use it to create initial drafts of articles
  • A celebrity creates a reflection of themselves that fans can interact with
  • A media company creates reflections of characters that their audience can interact with
  • A messaging app user creates reflections of themselves to practice simulating the conversation
  • An office worker uses it to generate reports or presentations using their past work
  • Link it to your calendar so your reflection can schedule meetings for you


This is a demo of an AI reflection that simply references the Wikipedia page of Van Jones, a public figure & political contributor. 

Click the chat button on the lower right to chat with his bot — ask questions about his background, early life or anything you’d like to know about him.

We understand the ethical concerns people may have, so we’re cautiously testing the waters.  It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN people start creating bot versions of people.  Rather than wait for this to be available to the selective few with the resources, we want to enable it for anyone in the world who wants it.



We’re accepting early sign-up for individuals who want to create their own bot reflection.  Note we’re still in experimental stages.   


  1. Sign Up
  2. Provide links to public pages like social media accounts, Wikipedia articles or online resumes
  3. (Optional) Upload a collection of your writings i.e. texts, papers, etc. in a single file, ideally in a .csv. Note your bot mimics the type of writing you submit so think about what you will use it for and upload only writings of that type.
  4. We will evaluate your submission – there is an order of preference
  5. If accepted, we will create your bot (may take time) and notify you once it’s created
  6. Interact with your reflection from our site using a link we send you
  7. Chat with your reflection to retrain and further personalize it over time
  8. Take your reflection with you to use on whatever platform you want