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Mei Users Can Now Opt In To Anonymous Polling

In our latest release, we added the ability for users to opt in to anonymous polling. Polling is something we’ve been planning for some time and we believe it’s an incredible way for knowledge and opinions to be shared. We describe our vision in full detail on our website.

Mei Introduces a Credit System That Will Value Data & Intelligence

In our latest release, Mei introduces a credit system that will track the data and intelligence exchanged in our app. Generally, users earn credits when they share their data, opinions or knowledge. Examples of this include responding to Mei’s questions or labeling messages.

Mei Gives Users True Ownership Of Their Data and Rewards Them For It

The future of messaging is here. Mei is the 1st mobile messaging app to come with artificial intelligence (AI) designed to help with personal relationships and communication. Each user has the option to turn on a personalized AI...