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Breakdown Of What Issues Voters Care About

As a follow-up to our election polls, we sent exit polls on Election night (November 6, 2018) to our users who had voted earlier that evening. Similar to other exit polls, we asked our Mei users “What issue do you care most about?” and provided 20 options, aggregated from several popular polls.

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Mei Poll Offers Details On The Youth Vote In 2018 Midterms

Election Poll Conducted By Mei Messaging Breaks Down Highly Contested Midterm Races. Mei App Inc. today released details of its pre-election and exit poll results for the 2018 Midterm Senate and Governor races. The company conducted polls through its mobile messaging app...

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Mei Preliminary 2018 Election Polls Reveal How Young Voters Plan To Vote In Senate and Governor Races

To pilot our new polling platform, we recently sent 10,000 short midterm election polls for Senate and Governor races across the US to our Mei app users.