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Mei Announces Its Launch With A Major Expansion Of Features

Before launching, we wanted to make Mei a better texting app than the ones that are pre-installed on Android phones. It was a long road of bug fixes and improvements but after almost a year of beta testing, we’re pretty much there! We feel we’ve ironed out the major issues...

User Created Polling

Users have had the ability to answer polls sent through by Mei for a couple of months, but now you are able to create your own polls to send to other Mei users! Imagine being able to poll 100 people your nephew’s age the next time you’re looking for ideas for his birthday gift or ask people to resolve an argument between your friends about the best pizza toppings! The possibilities are endless...

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Did The Wrong Movie Win An Oscar?

The Academy Awards make for great water cooler conversation, as co-workers take part in office pools and debate who they feel should come out on top during the film industry’s biggest night. This year’s Oscar season was marked by several changes – from continued promises of a much...

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