This Surprising Christmas Carol Is Number One Amongst Women

Controversy shoots “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” up to number one in Women’s Hearts

America’s favorite Christmas carols in poll after poll have always been classics like “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells”. Then the great culture wars of 2018 happened and suddenly there is a new contender: “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. In a poll conducted this weekend of going on 4000 people by the Mei Messaging app, this contentious song has sprung up to second place among all respondents, and most interestingly, first place among women respondents.

Perhaps proving there’s no such thing as bad press, the banning of this 1940’s song from some radio stations, and the subsequent media coverage of it, had the opposite effect of what the original complainants, who said the words were inappropriate in the #MeToo era, might have wanted. Baby It’s Cold Outside, which hasn’t made the top ten in any poll in recent years is a sudden crowd favorite.

The break up of the Mei poll results by generation is also very interesting. The younger the generation, the more the song is favored. What does quiet little Generation Z, coming up behind their dominant Millennial elders, want with a dated old chestnut from the 1940’s? Very little – until you try to ban it. But now they love it.

And no, it’s not just Republicans involved in the backlash against the ban, both parties pick it as a favorite almost equally, with the Republicans just a hair ahead.

A word to the wise: think before you fuss.