Mei Credits

Giving Users Ownership and Control Over Their Data

We believe users should be able to put their data to work for them and share in the benefits gained from their data.  That’s why we’ve created Mei Credits, which manage the usage of our AI assistant which is powered by data and provide a system to award users for sharing information.

We’ve also introduced a polling system that allows users to get intelligence not only from our AI, but also from other users. This will be another way in which users can earn and spend credits.  

You can now anonymously request personalized knowledge and opinions from thousands of people with the speed and convenience our messaging app.  On the flip side, you can also share your specialized knowledge and be awarded credits for it. 


Receive personalized intelligence on your relationships and personality with our credits.


Users and responses to polls are anonymous and messages are encrypted within our system.


Earn credits by interacting with the AI or answering questions from user polls and market research.

Rewarding Early Adopters

While Mei is in beta, it will cost significantly fewer credits to access our intelligence features and more credits will be rewarded for sharing data than after we’re fully launched.  This is our way of thanking early adopters for helping us test and improve our app.

As our platform scales and gets more sophisticated, the costs and rewards for information exchanged will be calibrated to better reflect the value of data (e.g. how much it improves our models), the cost of our services (e.g. research and computational resources), and how much value our services bring to users and others.  So as we build out features, credits may become more valuable in terms of what they could be exchanged for.

Mei doesn’t charge credits for texting, so users can chat away! In fact, users can earn credits for simply texting because that increases the data we can learn from.

Want to learn more about how to earn credits as an early supporter of Mei – click here to get added to our supporters list and be kept up to date on earning credits prior to launch!


Credit System

Why did Mei introduce Credits?
(1) Help offset the cost of running / maintaining the platform to provide the AI intelligence
(2) Return the control and economics of data to the user
(3) Allow users to become more significant stakeholders in Mei
(4) Create an efficient marketplace for information
(5) Help users to monetize their data, knowledge and potentially provide an income for anyone with a mobile phone.

How Do I Earn Credits & What Can I Do With Them?

If a user chooses to turn the Mei AI assistant feature on, the app will anonymously analyze their communications with their contacts. Each user is awarded sign-up credits (beta testers earn an extra bonus) and credits based on information shared with us to help improve our algorithm and provide users with better intelligence. Since Mei doesn’t ask for personally identifiable information such as users’ name, we don’t know the identity of each user.  

At the moment Mei Credits can only be used in-app to obtain intelligence for Mei, including running personality profiles of you and your friends. We are developing the ability for our users to be able purchase Mei Credits via the Play Store which can then be used to run personality profiles, gain intelligence from our AI and poll other users. We also plan to make it possible to exchange Mei Credits for other rewards with our partners or even to sell your Credits to other users. We will keep you updated as we roll out these features and increase the benefits we offer our users.

What If I No Longer Want To Share Information & Earn Credits?

Choice and transparency are behind everything we do.  We believe that when users share their data, they should be incentivized to do so, not coerced. Mei’s default is to not collect any user data other than is necessary for sending / receiving messages.  If a user chooses not to turn on the AI assistant, we don’t collect any information and our app simply acts as an upgrade to the stock texting apps that come with most phones.   

If after turning on the AI assistant a user decides at any point they no longer wish to share information and earning credits, simply turn AI assistant off in “Settings“.  Users also have the option to delete their account altogether if they wish.  If a user deletes their account from our system and returns at a later date, their credits will be lost and any new credits awarded may be significantly reduced. We do this to prevent anyone from abusing our system by repeatedly deleting and re-creating accounts.

Polling & Research

Our platform is able to build detailed user profiles at the touch of a button. Users and pollers then gain immediate access to a qualifying pool of anonymous respondents. The average user could even poll a micro-targeted group of other users (who have opted in for polling) for gift ideas or professional advice. 

Payment for information and data can be tracked via the credit system. This rewards users for sharing information and knowledge and means the value is determined by the other users and researchers.