MeiCoin Token Pre-Sale

Giving Users Ownership and Control Over Their Data

We believe users should share in benefits gained from their data.  That’s why we’re creating an Ethereum based token (MeiCoin or MEI) and ecosystem which will award users for sharing information, whether it comes in the form of data, opinions or knowledge.

Currently, Mei uses a credit system as in-app currency, rewarding users for sharing information and managing usage of our AI assistant.  We’ve just introduced a polling system that allows users to get intelligence not only from our AI, but also from other users. 

Imagine anonymously reaching thousands of people with personalized knowledge and opinions with the speed and convenience our messaging app.  On the flip side, imagine being able to share your specialized knowledge and be awarded tokens for it.

See our full paper for details.

Core Features


Receive personalized intelligence on your relationships and personality with Mei Tokens.


Users are anonymous and messages are encrypted within our system.


Earn tokens by interacting with the AI or answering questions from user polls and market research.

Smart Contract

Ethereum-based token and smart contract implementation to award users for sharing data and opinions.

Blockchain Technology

By issuing an Ethereum ERC-20 token that utilizes blockchain technology, we have greater flexibility than if the token was within our app alone. Tokens can be issued automatically, via a smart contract. 

Users are identified in our systems according to this hashed ID. This means our systems will not and has never, known who the user is. Users can rest assured their identity and the data and answers shared will not be attributed personally to them. 


How it Works

Our platform is able to build detailed user profiles at the touch of a button. Users and pollers then gain immediate access to a qualifying pool of anonymous respondents. The average user could even poll a micro-targeted group of other users (who have opted in for polling) for gift ideas or professional advice. 
By putting people with questions in direct contact with people with answers, Mei is able to:

(1) Help offset the cost of running / maintaining the platform to keep our services free

(2) Return the control and economics of data to the user

(3) Allow users to become more significant stakeholders in Mei

(4) Create an efficient marketplace for information

 (5) Help users to monetize their data, knowledge and potentially provide an income for anyone with a mobile phone

Token Distribution

Token Sale (30%) 

A maximum of 300 million tokens will be issued in this sale. The token amount purchased via Ethereum is calculated based on the exchange rate at the point of purchase. 

Rewards & Bounty Pool (20%) 

The rewards program is an important part of our growth strategy, incentivizing users to participate and tell others about us.

Company Reserve (40%) 

Company Reserve Pool is used for future development, including future fund raising, development, research and for expanding the rewards pool.

Team, Partners and Advisor Pool (10%) 

All team members will be vested in the Company for a total of 3 years with the 10% of the tokens vested at the close of the token sale and 30% vested per year for the next three years.

Polling & Research

Mei allows users and pollers quick, easy access to a qualifying pool of anonymous respondents. 

Payment for information and data can be tracked, currently via the credit system, moving to the Token ecosystem, once in place. This rewards users for sharing information and knowledge and means the value is determined by the other users and researchers.