User Created Polling

Users have had the ability to answer polls sent through by Mei for a couple of months, but now you are able to create your own polls to send to other Mei users!

Imagine being able to poll 100 people your nephew’s age the next time you’re looking for ideas for his birthday gift or ask people to resolve an argument between your friends about the best pizza toppings! The possibilities are endless, and something we’re truly excited about at Mei.

By turning on polling, going to the polls screen and clicking the + sign, you will be taken to the poll creation screen. You can create an anonymous poll with multiple questions and answer choices, ask 20 people or 1000 and award them as many credits as you choose for answering your question(s). You can also target particular demographics, currently; Gender, Age and Marital Status, but we are looking to expand this. If you are looking to get the advice of females, aged 18-24 who are single, you can tailor your poll to these demographics. We will also be adding targeted interests, so you can target polls to people who are interested in Anime or Hip-Hop music (for example) to get the best possible answers to your questions, while both the poller and the respondents remain anonymous. Once your poll is approved you will start receiving answers on your poll straight away.

At the moment we are only offering multiple choice answers, but we hope to offer the ability to add free text answers in the future. Remember you are asking other users, anonymously, who don’t know you. Keep this in mind when submitting questions, but there is a lot you can ask!

Get Advice!

Need dating advice or have a relationship dilemma? Ask Mei users anonymously for their advice on any topic you want.

Solve Arguments!

Who was the best Bond? Are dogs better pets than cats? What’s the best gaming platform? Now you have a way to resolve disputes between your friends and family – simply ask Mei’s users!

Get Opinions!

What Netflix series should you start watching next? Should I see the new Avengers Movie? If you are looking for people’s opinions, give a variety of options and make sure the answers aren’t skewed / leading towards a particular answer.

We want to make sure polls are useful for our users to give back the best possible information and interesting to those responding. Both the creator and the respondent will be able to see the results of the polls they have created/participated in, by going to the polls tab and selecting the poll they want to view. You can also filter by different demographics for the polls that you create, so you can view how males responded differently to females, or what the 18-24 age group thought vs. 25-29-year olds.

We want to allow our users the freedom of expression to ask the burning questions that have been on their mind, but we also want to protect our users from receiving violent or hateful questions or feeling intimidated whilst using Mei. The purpose of the poll should be to gain information or opinions not spread false information, intimidate or make people feel targeted or harassed.

Here are some points to consider when putting together your poll:

  • The poll should make sense and be phrased as a question, with more than one possible answer
  • The options you are giving as responses should be fair and balanced (and not leaning to one particular answer)
  • If you are asking questions of a personal or sensitive nature, give a wide range of options to include all users, or give them the option to say that none of the options apply
  • Questions/answers shouldn’t contain false or misleading information
  • Remember your audience – polls of a sexual nature should be limited to users 18/21+ (by selecting “Age” demographic before submitting)
  • No confidential or private information should be included in the question(s) or answers (phone numbers, credit card details etc.)
  • Violent, hateful polls or those that encourage or provoke sexual misconduct or illegal activity are not permitted

Full details of our poll submission guidelines and the related terms of use are available in the app and here.

Please let us know what you think and try it out and create a poll today!