What is Mei?

Mei is the first messaging app to include artificial intelligence (AI) designed to help you improve your relationships and communication. The optional AI assistant, also named Mei (pronounced “May”) can deliver real-time personalized analysis and advice based on your text conversations.

Android users, Mei is a complete texting app that replaces the one that came with your phone.  This means your contacts don’t need to be on Mei for you to text with them using our app.  All you have to do is download Mei from the Play Store, and you’ll have an upgrade to the basic SMS/MMS app that the phone manufacturer or telephone carrier pre-installed into your phone.  It’s free, with no ads, and no catch.

Who has a secret crush on me?  Does my friend or coworker like me? Am I texting this person the right way?  Does my daughter seem different today?  If you choose to turn on the assistant, Mei’s AI can help you understand how you come across to others and reveal things about your relationships that might not always be obvious to you.

You’ll also get information like who texts who more, and how quickly you each respond.  If AI and statistics aren’t enough, and you need to ask real people questions (like how do I respond to this text?), you can opt in to an anonymous polling platform that could get answers from hundreds of real people in minutes.

If you decide not to turn on the assistant, Mei offers everything you would expect from a messaging app, such as free end-to-end encrypted RCS (Rich Communication Services) worldwide when chatting with other Mei users.  We offer complete color/theme customization, automatic organization with folders, bulk SMS, scheduled messaging and many more features that combine the best of messaging.  Now you can even import your conversations from WhatsApp (and other apps, as they allow it)!

For iPhone users, you can now download Mei in the App Store and analyze your WhatsApp conversations! Mei will give you personalized advice and insights she’s learned from analyzing millions of conversations just like yours. She currently analyzes 2 types of relationships: romantic and professional. Soon, we will be offering more advice and add all the features that come on the Android version.

Mei's Goal

Our team has spent over three years combining natural language processing, machine learning models, and one of the largest datasets of its kind, to create an AI that can understand the user through text messages. We started working on this because we felt technology and data could be used to improve the most important thing to many of us: our relationships. Since every relationship is different, Mei can be most helpful if she understands each user and can personalize her help.

Representing the next generation of messaging apps, Mei combines the best of existing messengers, but gives power back to the user with 1) AI technology designed to help and 2) the ability to earn credits from interacting with Mei and sharing information.  Credits will allow users access to future features, which will become more sophisticated as Mei’s systems grow.  This allows users to let their data/information/knowledge grow with us.

Our objective is for Mei to provide users access to information and knowledge that isn’t available elsewhere, while giving users comfort that they and their data are being looked after.

End-to-End encryption

We're the first third-party SMS app that offer end-to-end encrypted RCS between Mei users to ensure secure messaging


Conversations automatically organized into folders (incl. spam) and create custom labels

Schedule messages

Schedule messages to send later or cancel them before they send.

Color Personalization

Personalize Mei with different messaging colors and color themes.


Free international RCS messaging when connected with other Mei users. This provides a better, more enhanced messaging experience

disappearing messages

Send disappearing messages to other Mei users which are deleted after they’re read


Send expiring messages which are deleted after a set time