Mei gives power to the average smartphone user with its optional personalized AI assistant and the ability to earn tokens from interacting with it.  To a new user, the cost of using or switching to Mei is almost negligible.  In its simplest form, Mei is simply an upgrade to the default or stock SMS/MMS texting app that comes pre-packaged in most Android phones by the manufacturer or telephone carrier.  Most Android users don’t know that they have a choice in the default SMS app and it only takes a couple of clicks to upgrade.

All users have to do is download it from the Google Play store (beta version available).  Mei users can text with almost any other smartphone user in the world. 

In addition to basic messaging functions that you’ll find on most major messaging apps, we added features and security that users have gotten used to in apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or iMessage.  But our users will find extra comfort in knowing we don’t ask for personally identifiable information, offering additional privacy.

Our main differentiator is our AI assistant that gives users intelligence from within the app or the conversation itself.

End-to-End encryption

When texting with other Mei users, we use an end-to-end encryption system similar to those used by major apps like WhatsApp and Signal.

Unsending Messages

Unsend messages at any time, whether or not the person has read it.

Exploding Messages

Instead of starting the timer after the message has been read, it starts after you send the message.

Free International Messaging

Since our messages can be transmitted through the internet as data messages, our users can communicate with each other overseas for free.

Expiring Messages

Messages expire after a pre-set amount of time after the message has been read.

Voice Messaging

Sometimes it's easier to speak a text, so we allow voice messages but with transcriptions so the recipient can hear or read your message.