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Mei is the world’s first mobile messaging app that includes an AI assistant designed to improve your relationships. Mei (pronounced ‘May’) represents the next generation of messaging where AI gives you real-time intelligence as you chat.

Mei is designed as a tool to help users become the best version of themselves by putting AI, data, and even other people easily within the reach of anyone with a smartphone.

On Android, Mei is a complete texting (SMS) app that replaces the one that came with your phone.  This means you can text with anyone in the world through Mei, and have the AI assistant give you intelligence and advice real-time.  Even without turning on the optional AI assistant, Android users who switch to Mei will gain features like end-to-end encrypted RCS (Rich Communication Services) with other Mei users, automatic folders and scheduled messaging.  By combining all the best features you’d expect in a messaging app, with AI and control over privacy, we hope to be a new messaging option that users can be excited about.

We just launched our iOS app! If you have an iPhone, Mei’s AI can analyze any of your exported WhatsApp conversations to give you personalized advice and insights she’s learned from analyzing millions of conversations just like yours. She currently analyzes 2 types of relationships: romantic and professional. Soon, we will be offering more advice and add all the features that come on the Android version.



Replaces the basic SMS/text messaging app, but with all the modern features you’d expect from any messaging app (end-to-end encryption, wifi-enabled and RCS).


You have the option of turning on an AI assistant designed to help you better understand the people you text and help improve your relationships.


Privacy is the key! Mei doesn’t ask you for your name or any personal information. She doesn’t need to know who you are to understand and help you.


Earn credits for doing what you always do and for sharing knowledge. We're creating an ecosystem where all parties are properly incentivized.

Mei uses a credit system to manage app usage and reward users for sharing data.

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Messaging Improved – Now With RCS

At Mei we are committed to improving your messaging experience and believe RCS is the future of messaging. We’re working on supporting RCS and it will be available in upcoming releases. Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a type of messaging protocol that will upgrade…

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All State Polling From Mei

In November 2018, we piloted our polling platform on the US Midterm Elections. We sent 10,000 short midterm election polls to our users for select Senate and Governor races across the U.S. These polls provided almost instant results from our voting user base, with many responding within 10 minutes and the vast majority within 30 minutes…

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Poll: Should 16 And 17 Year Olds Be Allowed To Vote?

At the time of writing this blog post it is currently election day in the US. So I thought it would be fun to make a poll relating to voting. In most elections you must be 18 or older to vote. But I wanted to know if Mei users agreed with this. So I sent out a poll asking, “should 16-17 year olds be allowed to vote?”

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