Effective communication is important for building the relationships you want.  As we look at future applications of chat AI and chatbots, we see opportunity for bots to streamline communication for professionals and their clients.  We’re starting first with real estate agents where most of the value is the conversation and exchange of information, mixed with the right personality.    

Professionals in the future will use AI to help automate their communication that’s scalable, and makes them more efficient while maintaining their authenticity and personality.  In the case of real estate, a customized chatbot that learns from their past chats can be helpful to both the agent and the client.  Routine questions about a property or the transaction process don’t always require human-to-human interaction, especially when a bot can answer those questions immediately, 24/7, and with perfect memory.  

Think of it as ChatGPT specialized for real estate and in certain cases, the expert on a given property.  Not only can it have the knowledge of the agent, but it can also be combined with information from the property manager, owner, and development company. 

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A bot attached to a listing could handle much of the initial communication.  When trained off all the information the agent has on the property, the bot becomes the expert on it, able to answer even question they can’t — making it a tool for agents. A listing becomes interactive and conversational the same way a showing with the agent would be.  Agents could get a copy of transcript, so they are never out of the loop.  

 Here’s some examples of actual conversations where our bot answers general questions and can get very specific. 



Let the bot refer services you routinely send your clients to


Increase engagement on content you create


Never have to answer the same question twice


Your bot can be fully integrated into your existing messaging channel


At the most basic, your bot will be as capable as the most advanced AI models out there (e.g. ChatGPT).  We then train the bot using any data (public or private) that you want.  Share your personal writings or communications (e.g. emails, text messages, or newsletters) to future mold to learn your communication style and voice.  We can also integrate with data sources at your company (CRM systems, manuals, training materials).  You let us know what you want your bot to be able to do or not do (like talk about controversial topics or promise to do things it can’t).  

Once trained, the bot can be put into any medium like your website, newsletters, blog articles, email or messaging app, and start interacting with the world like you would. 

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