We’re experimenting with providing anyone the ability to create an AI “reflection” of themselves that can start interacting with the world like they would.  We use the latest generative AI as a foundation and then personalize it using their data.  The reflection can then be used to compose text messages or write like them.


  • A writer uses it to create initial drafts of articles
  • A celebrity creates a reflection of themselves that fans can interact with
  • A media company creates reflections of characters that others can interact with
  • A messaging app user creates reflections of themselves and their contact to practice simulating the conversation
  • An employee uses it to generate reports or presentations


This is a demo of an AI reflection of Van Jones, a CNN political contributor, the host of the Van Jones show and The Redemption Project. 

Click on the chat button on the lower right to try it out. Chat with the bot reflection of Van and ask it questions about his background, early life or anything you’d like to know about him.

In this demo we’ve used the latest generative AI as a foundation with data from his Wikipedia page. If you have a public page about yourself, we can use that or make it even more personalized using writing samples and personal data such as text messages.


We are accepting sign-up for individuals who want to create their own bot reflection.  We are still in experimental stages.