We’re experimenting with helping anyone create a personalized AI chatbot that interacts with the world the way the real person would.  Starting with the same AI technology that powers ChatGPT and tailoring with writing samples, it’s possible to train a personal chatbot replica or reflection that emulates a person’s tone, voice, behavior, and unique personality.


  • Preserve a digital legacy of yourself that friends and family can chat with
  • Memorialize someone in your life using writing they left behind 
  • Chat with a version of yourself to understand how you come across to others  
  • Professionals can let their AI introduce themselves 
    • Interviews/intro conversations
    • Answer routine questions that don’t require personal attention
  • Create initial drafts of your communication 
  • Mei app users will soon be able to create their own personal AIs from data they share through the app


This is a demo of an AI reflection of Mei’s founder Es Lee, using mostly publicly available information and interviews. 

Chat as if you were chatting with the real person.  Keep in mind since it’s based on very limited information and the bot will make up answers or ‘hallucinate’ when asked anything not in the training material.


We’re selectively accepting early sign-up for alpha testers.  Explain in as much detail as possible your use case and why you want one.  Be as thoughtful as you can.  Provide any relevant links.  You can also email 


  1. Sign up
  2. We will evaluate your submission, and email you if selected 
  3. Follow instructions for sharing writing samples (i.e. texts messages, papers, etc.)
  4. We will create your personalized bot, and email you once it’s created
  5. Interact with your bot to train it 
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