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The Most Liked Super Bowl Commercial Among Women: Pepsi - More Than OK With Cardi B
'Pepsi - More Than OK' was the favorite Super Bowl commercial of the women we polled 🏈
The Most Liked Super Bowl Commercial: Avengers: Endgame
Our poll respondents said that Avengers: Endgame was their favorite commercial during this year's Super Bowl 🏈
If You're Texting Someone New, Go Light On The Sarcasm
Keep sarcastic comments to a minimum as its incredibly hard to decipher in tone via text.
Whoever Texts First Usually Likes the Other Person More
You've heard it before, now the data supports it.
'Okie' or 'Okee' Has More ❤️ Than 'Okayy' or 'Okayyy'
'Okie' is a more endearing term than 'okayy'. But both are equally confusing to older people so just use 'okay' with them 👌🏼
Return the Favor if She Calls You 'Handsome'
Not only is it a compliment, it's one of the strongest signs she's flirting.
Wait a Minute Before Texting Something Mean
Everything comes off worse in texts, so think whether that's what you really want to say.
'Sorry' Isn't A Good Sign
What does seeing 'sorry' a lot mean? That word is often the first sign of a relationship ending.
If He Leads With 'Sup' He Probably Doesn't Care That Much
Conversations that start casually usual end casually.
😘 's Are Usually From Mom or Your Sugar Daddy
It’s the second most used emoji by people over 20. And even more common with parents and older flames.
"XX" is For Everyone. "XXX" is Only For Boo
Don’t send your best friend the wrong message 😉
Who Has The Strongest Emoji Game? 17 Year Old Girls
Everybody else try to keep up 😜
If a Guy Has a Crush on You, He’ll Use Twice as Many Emojis
Even the 💩 emoji is a good sign.
People Take Twice As Long to Reply to Family Than a Crush Or Friend
Maybe they're just not as fun or maybe mom's text are confusing AF.
The Average American Now Sends About 10 Texts a Day
It's probably going up now that grandma and companies have joined the party.
The Average Text Message Length Is Around 7 Words
“Not sure if I’m going out later.” That text is about how long the average text is.
If Someone Sends You a Link, They Really Like You
Links = winning! And guys are more likely to send a link than girls. Part 5 of 5.
People Are Twice As Likely to Send an Emoji As They Are to Send An Exclamation Point
Part 2 of 5.
People Call Family Members 6x As Much As They Call Everyone Else
Family first! And moms are at least 3x as important as everyone else.
People Text Their Age
The older you are, the longer your texts.
On Average, Guys Take About 2 Minutes Longer to Reply to a Text Than Girls
One of the few things in life where guys take longer.
Women Use Emojis 50% More Than Men
Fellas if you want to show some love, it’s ok to use an emoji. Even if you’re in your early 20s. You’re still manly in our book.
Don’t Send That Double Text!
The closer they are to 20, the less likely you’ll get a double text. Younger teens don’t worry yet and older folks just don’t care.
If Your Friend Calls You 'Bub' She May Have a Crush on You
Girls use 'bub' over 10x more with crushes than with friends.
Guys Tend to Open With 'Hey'. Girls Tend to Open With 'Hi'
Don't get mad if he's being too casual, that's just how he texts.
You Should Expect to Find an Emoji in Every 6 Texts
That’s how popular emojis have become 🙌🏼
If You See 😊, You’re Probably Talking With an Old Person
People over 30 use 😊 twice as much as teens.
If They Like You, They'll Start Conversations
It’s one of the best indicators that someone likes you. So go ahead, say hi to your crush ☺️
29 Year Old Women Are the Least Playful Texting Their Men
... so don't expect an emoji 🙈
In Romantic Relationships, We Use "I" and "You" More
If someone you're texting talks a lot about the two of you, you may have a crush ❤️
The Younger Your Crush, The Quicker You Need to Respond
Older people can take their time but your teenage crush is expecting a reply in under 5 minutes...chop chop!
The Average American Makes 3 Calls a Day
…and it’s mostly with family.
When You're Dating 'K' Is Very Different From 'Okay'
Still want that date? Don't text 'k'.
People Are Twice As Likely to Send a Picture As They Are to Send a Link
Part 4 of 5.
People Are Twice As Likely to Double Text As They Are to Send an Emoji
Part 1 of 5.
Men Initiate Text Conversations Twice As Much As Women
Quality of the opening line? Debatable.
He Just Found the E-Spot
Guys discover the exclamation point in their late 20s and then go wild. Welcome to the club gentlemen.
Who’s the Least Likely to Be on the Phone?
16 and 17 year old males. They make an average of under 2 calls a day, while every other group is over. Women in their 40s call the most.
The Typical Text is Replied to in 8 Minutes
If you’re gonna take 2 hours, at least put some effort into it.
Women Call 10% More Than Men
Both make about 2½ calls a day. Though at least one of those are reserved for mom ❤️
Typos in Texts Are a No-No
It shows you don't they don't have to care about your text 👊🏼
Teenagers 😭 Twice as Much as Older People
Go ahead adults, let it all out!
Sending 💩 and Being 😡 ? You're Probably in Your 20's
We don’t know why. Any ideas?
'Lovely', 'Cutie', 'Handsome', 'Bubba', 'Okie', = You Got a Crush
Fellas, some words are more telling of ❤️ than others.
'Oh', 'ah', And 'ohh' Are Reserved For People One Really Cares About
If you see them, they feel or want to feel close to you ❤️
We Send Twice as Many Pictures to Family Members
Grandma loves getting cute puppy pictures 🐶
The ❤️ is The Second Most Common Emoji in Texts
Keep that in mind the next time you melt when you see it.
If She's Not Responding, Send Her a Joke
Laughs are the best icebreakers.
XOXO: People Are Split On Which Is the Hug And Which Is the Kiss
Which is which to you?
Girls In Their Late 20s Try The Hardest to Hide Interest
Fellas we know it can be confusing, but learn how to read the signals.
People Are Twice As Likely to Send An Exclamation Point As They Are to Send a Picture
Part 3 of 5.
Guys Call Their Friends About Half As Much As Girls Call Theirs
Love ya bud, but call me only if you’re on fire…or want to reenact a beer commercial. Wasssuuup!
People Text Their Age (part 2)
The older you are, the more you text. Go figure.
Women Use Exclamation Points Twice As Much As Men
It’s just more exciting to be a woman 💃🏼
Want to Be Young? Send an Emoji
Sorry it doesn’t help you stay young, it just helps you come across as young. The younger you are the more emojis you use.
Don’t be Upset if He Doesn’t Call
He’s just young. The older he is, the more likely he’ll call. Men in their 30s will call 50% more than men in their 20s, who call 50% more than teens.
Women Text 20% More Than Men
They also send slightly longer texts. Fellas, texts are like hugs...they’re free and longer ones are better, until it gets weird.