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Messaging Features

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

When messaging other Android users of our apps, messages are end-to-end encrypted RCS (Rich Communication Services). To enable RCS, go to Settings -> Account and Advanced Features and toggle on “Data Messages (RCS)”. Your messages will be sent end-to-end encrypted using your internet connection and falls back to SMS/MMS if your contact doesn’t have Mei’s app installed with RCS enabled.

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Folders, Labels & Spam Filter

Your conversations are automatically organized into folders: one-on-one conversations in “Chats”, group conversations in “Groups” and spam messages in “Unnamed”. The “Unnamed” folder contains chats from numbers that haven’t been saved to your contacts. You can also create your own custom labels. Just click the ‘+’ or ‘add’ button above the conversation list and name the label. For example, if you have work-related conversations, create a “Work” label and drag & drop those conversations into the label name.


Send one-to-one messages to everyone in a folder. Just go into the folder that you have created to send a blast message to and then tap the folder title to reveal a drop-down menu. Hit “Blast” and you’ll be able to type a message that will be personalized for each contact. The ‘@contact’ will be replaced by the first word of the contact’s name, as saved in your phone. You can remove this for a generic message.

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Full Customization

Easily change color themes and bubble styles. In the menu in the upper right corner, under “Settings” -> “Appearance”, you can select custom theme color, background color (light, dark and black modes) and background picture. You can also customize the tinting of some bars. If you’re not happy with the default font and message bubbles, you can also change font family, size and weight and message bubbles shape and colors.

Scheduling, Disappearing & Expiring

Mei comes with lots of advanced messaging features. If you hold down the send button you get the option to schedule a message to send later. If you decide you don’t want to send the scheduled message after all, you can cancel it before it sends. You also have the option to send disappearing messages, which are deleted after they’re read and expiring messages, which are deleted after a set time.

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If you’ve turned on polling in Settings -> Account and Advanced Features -> Anonymous Polling, you can create your own polls to send to other Mei users. Just go to the polls folder, click the + sign and you’ll be taken to the poll creation screen. You can create an anonymous poll with multiple questions and answer choices, ask 20 people or 1000 and award them as many credits as you choose for answering your question(s). You can also target particular demographics, currently; Gender, Age and Marital Status, but we’re looking to expand this. Once your poll is approved, you’ll start receiving answers on your poll straight away.

AI Features

Enable our optional AI assistant to receive personalized advice and data analytics on your conversations, mood tracking, and tag your contacts so Mei can act as a contact management tool.

Personalized Advice

Mei’s AI can analyze each of your conversations to give you personalized advice.  Our AI can detect personality difference between the user and contact to offer tips on how to bridge the gap in communication. For example, if she perceives a contact as very spontaneous and you as more organized, she’ll tell the you it’s okay to play things by ear.

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Explore Personality

With the AI assistant enabled, you can see a full personality profile showing you how you come across through texts. Unlike other personality tools that require answering questions, Mei doesn’t need any input to generate your profile. just the text messages already on your phone. You’ll get your personality across five primary dimensions: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Each dimension consists of 6 traits such as outgoing vs. reserved, trusting vs. skeptical, traditional vs. liberal. Mei will show you where you score in all 30 traits compared to thousands of people. 

User Overview

If you click on the pulsing ball in the top left corner, you’ll see “User Overview”. Here you’re able to add and remove tags, which will improve intelligence where we have refined models (e.g. analysis on women may be different from men). You can also “Ask Mei” anything we have a model on. Currently, Mei can tell you which one of your contacts are the most caring. 

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Mood & Journaling

With AI enabled, Mei asks your mood daily (a slider from sad to happy) and if there is something else you want to journal. What have you done today, anything in particular that happened or other feelings you had that you want to track. On the “User Overview” screen you’re able to track your own behavior. Both mood history and journal entry history will be displayed, so you can look back and see how your mood has changed over time. 

Contact Overview

If you click on a contact’s avatar and click “Contact Overview”, you’ll see their full analytic summary. Here you can add and remove tags, which allows for more refined intelligence and enables organization. You’ll also see how metrics have changed and trended over time. Mei can measure how balanced your relationship is through analyzing a range of features (e.g. number of texts, response times, length of messages, conversations initiated, emoji usage, punctation, etc.) The graph shows whether the balance of the relationship has moved to your favor or your contact’s and how this has evolved over time. You can also “Ask Mei” anything we have a model on. 

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Request Account & Data Deletion

The easiest way to delete a user account and all data collected from our apps is within the app itself. 

For our app users, go to the main menu by tapping the 3 dots at the top of the conversation list. Select “Settings”, select “Account and Advanced Features” (Android app only), click “Delete Account”.

Conversely, you can use the following form to request a manual deletion from our team.  

Enter the telephone number used to create your account in our apps.
Provide your email address to be notified when the account has been deleted.