Now you can chat with our AI coach about any relationship, anytime and share anything you want.  Ask for dating advice, help starting a tough conversation, or get suggestions for how to respond to a text.  Think of the AI as a supportive friend, a counselor, your personal assistant – basically ChatGPT for relationships – that’s always there to chat without judgment or scripted responses.

It’s free to start and no login required.

Our coaches have given free personal AI advice and insights to hundreds of thousands of people, trained from the knowledge of millions of actual relationships. 


Here’s a side-by-side comparison of our coach vs. others.  

This is just the beginning.   If you want more personal advice, you’ll soon be able to upload or screenshot your chat history and our AI will share insights it can detect – like personality differences and relationship balance. It improves over time so it can eventually act as an experienced personal counselor with perfect memory that can guide you on how you can get closer to any relationship goal you may have.

Background and Mei

Mei was created to help improve relationships using data and AI, starting with messaging, where more and more of our conversations are happening. However, many of our interactions still take place in the analog world, where the tools and resources available to help us navigate our relationships have remained unchanged for decades. If we’re struggling with a relationship, our options are usually limited to talking to friends and family, who come with their own biases and agenda. 

Over years, Mei’s AI has provided personalized advice to hundreds of thousands of our app users based on their messages. One of the top user requests has been to be able to directly chat with the AI, but doing this well required a lot of resources. Our AI’s interactions with users were limited to tidbits of insight and advice, each requiring our developers to research, test, and build.  This capped the growth potential of Mei’s abilities, until now.

Language AI development is advancing quickly and being made more easily accessible.  Technologies like GPT4, chatGPT, and other language generation AI models can create coherent dialogue with very little context.  Combining Mei’s existing capabilities and insights will create endless possibilities for new AI applications.   

For example, after Mei tells a user of our apps ‘your contact is more guarded than you, try a little harder to get through to them’, this advice can instruct the language generation side to draft a message that does exactly that, and in a way that’s that’s consistent with the chat history and the user’s tone, personality, and writing style.  Mei can build more personalized “reflections” of users and contacts that factor in all the information we can provide it so you can practice simulating a chat with someone and how they may respond.

Eventually, if you have a relationship goal in mind, like getting someone to go out with you, get hired for a job, or just getting a “yes” from someone, our AI could optimize what you need to say based on conversations that started like yours.  That’s what we’re working towards.  In the meantime, enjoy our new relationship coach!


If you or your company would like to integrate our technology, please email us at  

If you use apps you think need our technology, please reach out to the developers and tell them about us.