Mei was designed to give personalized intelligence to our users.  To do this effectively, we need personalized data from our users, which raises questions about privacy and how we use this data.  We want to assure users that privacy and comfort with how we use data are important to us.  That’s why we thought it worthwhile to lay out some simple facts about Mei.

While Mei is still early in its development and the products and services we offer will evolve, we want users to always be the primary beneficiaries of data sharing.  We’re hoping to make Mei into a messaging option that users can be excited about. 

(1) Choice and transparency are behind everything.  For any advanced feature, where we may be collecting your data, we give you the option to freely turn the feature on/off and default to keeping everything off.  If you choose to opt in to any feature, we try our best to explain to you what it means. 

(2)  We do not know who you are.  You will notice that even when you turn on our AI assistant, Mei, we do not ask you for personally identifiable information. This is because your identity is not needed for Mei to help you.

(3) Not for sale. We have not sold and have no plans to sell your data.   We think selling data violates users’ trust in us.  No user data has been sent to advertisers nor do we put advertising in our app.

(4) We do not hold your messages hostage.  Unlike many other messaging platforms, we do our best to make your messages available to you.  If you don’t like our app and choose another texting app, any messages exchanged through Mei (SMS or data messages) will be copied onto your local SMS/MMS database, so other apps can use the messages.

(5) Getting rewarded for the data, opinions and knowledge you share. We created a credit system to allow you to benefit from your data.  When you share data and information with us, we give you credits.  Recently, we launched a polling platform that allows you to be rewarded even further for sharing your data, opinions and knowledge with us and soon, other users, anonymously.   When you request intelligence, you spend credits.  This creates an ecosystem for data. 

(6) Your data will be working for you. We’ll be continually developing our AI features and ways to share intelligence. As we develop our platform and our systems get more sophisticated, the services credits can be exchanged for will become more valuable. This means the value of the data you share with us grows with the ecosystem.  This is our way of making sure users benefit from the data.

With Mei, we give you choice over whether to share and you benefit from doing so.

Our detailed privacy policy can be found here.  Our policies are intended to protect us against undue liability and prevent misuse, but we will always weigh the impact to the trust and privacy of our users.

Any questions on your privacy and security? Please reach out to the team at: info@textmei.com