One-on-One Tutoring To Learn the Basics of AI

Worried you’ll be left behind by our A.I overlords? We want to help you get ahead of the curve, and master the use of large language models, before they master you! 

Don’t be intimidated working with A.I. Within just a couple hours you’ll be making language models write emails for you, interact with clients for you, and even create programs for you (with no preexisting knowledge of programming required). 

Unsure if you personally have a use for A.I?  Ask a human, by contacting us using the information below. Or, you can talk to our own A.I chatbot by clicking the speech bubble. After a lesson you can learn how to create a tailored bot of your own, but for now, start learning about A.I by chatting to ours.

To schedule a lesson, call 551-308-1165 or email 

Sample Lesson Plan

The below outlines a normal first lesson. However, lessons are best when they’re tailored to you. Please contact me beforehand, and tell me about your profession, your interests, and your familiarity with A.I and programming (no advanced technical knowledge is required, but I can fast-track you if you have some). I will create a lesson plan that focuses on the tools most useful to your unique situation. 

• We’ll begin by setting up a ChatGPT account (if you haven’t already). 

• I’ll give you advice for how to prompt the A.I to produce writing output in several styles.

Then we’ll go down one of the following paths:

•   You’ll learn to get ChatGPT to write programs for you, and how to run them. I’ll show you how to prompt the bot to fix its program if there’s an error. No prior knowledge of programming required!

•  Or you’ll create your own chatbot, trained on a data set of your choosing. I’ll show you how to put the bot on a website.

Is there something else you would like covered in our first lesson? Contact me, and we’ll cover it.