ChatGPT for Relationships

Now you can chat with our AI coach about any relationship, anytime and share anything you want — like ChatGPT for relationships.  Ask for advice on how to improve your relationships or get suggestions for responses to difficult conversations.  Think of the AI as a supportive friend, a coach and a personal messaging assistant but without the risk of judgment or scripted responses you usually get from other bots.

To try it out, click on the chat icon at the bottom right and say ‘hi’.  It’s completely free to start and doesn’t even require creating an account.

This is just the beginning.   If you want more personalized insight, you can soon upload your chat history and ask the AI about insights it can detect – like personality differences and relationship balance. It improves over time so it can eventually act as an experienced personal counselor with perfect memory that can guide you on how you can get closer to any relationship goal you may have.

Sample advice and reply suggestion

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of our coach vs. others.