Build Your Own AI CoachBot

How To Future-Proof Your Coaching Business

One of the first industries transformed by AI will be personalized coaching, whose product is ongoing 1-on-1 conversations with an expert.  This is exactly what AI chatbots like ChatGPT already do today!  Any expert advice coaches provide today can and will be replicated by AI for free in coming years, if not months.  

If you run a coaching business, you are at a crossroad.  You have the opportunity to future-proof your business by employing this technology yourself to productize a proprietary AI offering that adds value to your current business.  Or you can let competitors from AI companies or incumbents in your industry chip away at your business and potential client base.

At the moment, you have advantages: your reach to current and prospective clients, domain-specific expertise, and the data investment your clients already have with you.  Instead of clients and prospects using ChatGPT to answer questions they’d ask you, they can be using your own AI coach that has all the knowledge of ChatGPT but trained with your expertise and the data you already have on clients to give more personalized advice and guidance than ChatGPT can currently provide.

We enable coaching enterprises to easily develop this technology in-house with no technical expertise required.  We can take care of all the technical and product build to create your own ‘CoachBot’ AI helper that talks like you and is always ready to chat with students 24/7 with instant answers.  We’ve built dozens of AI chatbots that coach hundreds of people every day.  


Double Your Revenue In Weeks

Your coachbot fills in a gap in your product offering and is complementary to your existing business, not a replacement to your human coaching.  It can be offered as (1) an entirely new standalone product offering, (2) complement your human coaching offering as an upsell or offramp to your existing offering or (3) a value-add to your existing clients. 

If you have a coaching business, you’re likely converting <1% of your site visitors into actual paying clients.  Assuming 1% for simplicity, you can 3x your current revenue simply by converting 10% of visitors with the new AI product offering at 1/5 of the price of your human coaching product.     

We train a personalized bot, deploy it on your site, platform or apps, and can even handle payments and subscriptions.  The whole process takes weeks, not months.


📚 Utilize Your Existing Content: We take your website, articles, social media posts, and any other coaching materials to build a comprehensive knowledge base for your chatbot. This means that the AI will be well-versed in your methodologies and insights.

⏱ 24/7 Availability: Your clients have questions at all hours. With our coach chatbot, they can receive instant responses, providing them with the support they need when they need it, even outside of your regular working hours.

🚀 Scale Your Impact: Reach a wider audience without compromising your personal touch. The bot allows you to engage with multiple clients simultaneously, ensuring that nobody is left waiting for your guidance.

🔒 Data Privacy and Security: We understand the importance of safeguarding your coaching materials. Your data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and stored securely to ensure your peace of mind.

🗣 Your Voice : We capture the nuances of your coaching style and voice, ensuring that the bot’s responses are indistinguishable from your own. Your clients will feel like they’re conversing directly with you.


1. Data Gathering: We gather your existing content – articles, blog posts, transcripts, videos, and more – to understand your coaching approach, language, and voice.

2. AI Training: Our advanced AI model analyzes and learns from your content to replicate your voice and coaching expertise.

3. Chatbot Creation: A personalized AI Coach Chatbot is created, capable of providing insightful responses, actionable advice, and maintaining engaging conversations.

4. Review and Refinement: You have the chance to review and fine-tune the chatbot’s responses to ensure they align perfectly with your coaching philosophy.

5. Integration: Seamlessly integrate the chatbot onto your website, offer it as a new telephone number that clients can text/SMS or add to social media platforms, or other communication channels.

Analytics and Insights

How many coaching sessions have you had in the last month?  What did clients need coaching on most?  What topics were discussed?  Even with the best record-keeping, it’s impossible for you to recall all metrics on your business, let alone have them instantly accessible.  Get visibility on your business in ways impossible with just human coaches.  

Improved SEO

With your site visitors able to engage with an AI coach right on your website, site traffic and time spent on page increases, helping your SEO (search engine optimization).  Since adding an AI coach on our site, average session duration increased 50-100%.

AI Coach Demos


If you want an AI offering to extend your reach, enhance client engagement, and provide top-notch guidance around the clock, we want partners.  There are 2 ways to work with us:  

(1) Upfront development cost:  The cost depends on the partner.  You specify the functionality and requirements and we build for you.  Support and maintenance costs will be charged by month based on usage. 

(2) Co-ownership and revenue share:  This option allows select businesses to partner with us for minimal upfront cost.  We take care of all development and technical maintenance, you take care of marketing and distribution.  By default, we take 50% of the AI product revenue as your in-house AI development team.  Actual % can vary based on scale.    

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