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It can sometimes be hard to interpret text message conversations and understand the person on the other side. Luckily, there’s now AI (artificial intelligence) that can help. Our AI assistant Mei (pronounced ‘May’) can analyze any of your exported WhatsApp conversations to give you personalized advice and insights she’s learned from analyzing millions of conversations just like yours.

Download Mei and log in with your phone number. Then open WhatsApp and export your desired WhatsApp conversation into Mei. Buy credits, pick the type of relationship (romantic or professional) and the question you want answered and hit the pulsating icon. Mei will return with a response in seconds.

She currently analyzes 2 types of relationships: romantic and professional (new!).


Texting someone you like as more than a friend and wondering if they feel the same way? It’s sometimes hard to tell from texts whether someone likes you romantically or if they’re just being nice. Mei has seen more pick-up likes, flirty texts and friend-zoning conversations than any person has, so she’ll be able to tell you the probability (0-100%) that the person you’re texting is texting you romantically. If she detects a major difference in your personalities, she’ll even give you advice on how to bridge the communication gap.


Use WhatsApp with clients, your boss, co-workers or employees? Mei can tell you how you’re communicating differently and what your strengths are together so you can get the most out of your professional relationship. Depending on which question you ask, she’ll look for the biggest difference in your perceived personalities or find the trait you’re both the most extreme on and give advice on how to work better together. In future releases, Mei will start predicting the likelihood this conversation leads to a deal closing, or even get a job.

How does
it work?

Users of our apps have labelled countless text message conversations. With enough conversations and labels, we’re able to build neural network models to look at the patterns of words and other features in your text conversation.  In the case of a romantic relationship, Mei uses a model to see how much your conversation resembles the romantic or the non-romantic ones in her database. 
We all have different personalities, which can affect how we chat with each other. To give advice on how to communicate better, she first needs to understand the differences in personalities of you and your contact. To do this, she similarly uses neural network models to construct a full 30-dimensional personality profile (based on Big 5 ) of both you and your contact, based on your conversation.
If Mei senses major differences in a particular trait between you and your contact, she’ll offer some tips on how to bridge the potential communication gab. For example, if they seem more adventurous than you, Mei will suggest you to try new things together. Or if they seem like the rebel-type, she’ll suggest you to think outside the box. Alternatively, sometimes  both of you may have a strong personality trait. For professional relationships, this can sometimes be used to your advantage as a team, so she will highlight these traits if you ask for your strength together.
Even with our systems analyzing your messages, we understand you want to keep them private and your privacy is our highest concern. The identities of our users are protected and the messages encrypted.

Mei helps interpret your WhatsApp conversations

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