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Find out if any of your WhatsApp contacts have a crush on you.

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With a world of potential partners at your fingertips, forming meaningful relationships can be overwhelming. Without a person’s tone of voice or body language, how are you supposed to know if someone really likes you?
Does my crush like me? Is my ex still into me? Mei is an AI-driven app that can analyze your WhatsApp conversations and tell you if the person you’re messaging likes you romantically. Whether you’re single, looking for love, or just looking for ways to improve a relationship, our smart app can help, and even give you advice on how to better communicate, all anonymously.
Our AI assistant, Mei (pronounced ‘May’) has seen more pick-up lines, flirty texts and overuse of emojis than any human has. She runs on machine learning models built from analyzing millions of text message conversations, just like yours. So, she can use this information to help you decipher your text messages and figure out who has a crush on you, from the conversations you’ve already had on WhatsApp.

Mei for iOS is an algorithm-driven app that analyzes your WhatsApp conversations to see how much the people you’re messaging really likes you – all anonymously. Whether you’re single, looking for love, or just looking for help analyzing texts, our smart app can help.


1. Install Mei and log in with your phone number
2. Open the WhatsApp app
3. Go to the conversation you want analyzed
4. Tap on the name at the top to open up the contact menu
5. Scroll down and tap “Export chat”, then select “Without Media”
6. In the popup, find and tap the Mei icon in the row of apps (if you don’t see the Mei icon in the available options, tap “More” at the far right end and toggle on Mei).
8. Then hit “Export to Mei”
9. Open Mei, and you’ll see the imported conversation
10. Buy credits
11. Tap the imported conversation, then the pulsating heart to analyze

Once the analysis is complete, you’ll receive a score from 0% to 100% showing how likely it is that contact has a crush on you. We all have different personalities, which can affect our ability to communicate. So if Mei senses major differences in personality between you two, she’ll offer some tips on how to better relate to your contact. For example, if they seem more adventurous than you, Mei will suggest you offer to try new things together. Or if they seem like the rebel-type, she’ll suggest you think outside the box.

Even with our systems analyzing your messages, we understand you want to keep them private and your privacy is our highest concern. The identities of our users are protected and the messages encrypted.

Find your crushes from WhatsApp

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