Thinking About Building the Next Tinder? Here’s How You Can Stand Out

Dating apps have become the new normal, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, and many developers are trying to make the new Tinder or Bumble. The problem is that the dating app market is already overcrowded and it’s tough to create an app that will stand out from the rest of them. To become the next big matchmaking app, it’s not enough to just add swiping to the left or right.

Developers need to think outside the box.

At Mei we’ve spent over 4 years analyzing millions of text messages to understand relationships through digital channels. With the help from our users labeling hundreds of thousands of conversations as romantic or not romantic relationships, we’ve been able to build neural network models that can accurately predict the type of the relationship from the text messages that are fed into it, without asking the user. We believe complementing a dating app with our AI can help people navigate through dating apps with less frustration and make developers stand out.

Our recently launched API offers dating app developers something extra. It enables them to offer users AI to predict what the conversation will likely turn into. The developers simply send the messages (anonymously of course) to our AI via the API which can use the words to determine whether this relationship would end up being platonic or romantic. For example, it will come back with “Sympathetic friend” or “Passionate lover”.

Help your potential users save time and frustration by eliminating hookups and non-serious matches. If you’re a developer looking to set your app apart from the others and want to learn more, please visit our API/partnership page.